Do-It-Yourself Wedding Cake Decorating

 Wedding cake decorating can be challenging and thrilling at the same time. The wedding cake will be the main attraction of the entire event, which is why every couple wishes to acquire the best ever wedding cake there is. In order for you to accomplish this, here provided are a couple of wedding cake decorating tips.


Tip #1


Buy a small-sized cake or you can bake one yourself and try out various wedding cake decorating designs. In doing this, you can have an idea as to what would be the perfect design and what decoration best suits your wedding cake. You can also get some cool ideas by visiting your local bake shops. You can take one design and mix it up with other designs, too.


Tip #2


If you cannot come up with any wedding cake decorating designs at all, it can be very beneficial for you to seek assistance or advice from an experienced cake decorator. If you have a friend who happens to be one, then the more better. They can provide you with great tips that you can incorporate in your decoration.


The photo (from below shows a glimpse into a wedding cake tutorial seen here from the Sparkle & Hay Wedding blog that might inspire you in creating your DIY wedding cake.

wedding cake tutorial




Never go overboard when you are decorating your wedding cake. This applies especially when it comes to the number of trimmings or trappings that you put on it. Overdoing it takes away the visual attributes of your wedding cake.



Tip #4


Go all out on buying the best materials there is. Do not purchase an inexpensive icing that you will use for your cake because this will definitely make your cake look sloppy. Remember, it is for your wedding – the important occasion in your whole life, not your dogs’ birthday. Sure you will need to shell out some of your precious dollars, but it will all be worth it.


Tip #5


Never forget to include sentimental items in your cake. Doing this makes it more special and more personal. It should have both the bride and the groom’s personal effects.


Tip #6


Another great source of finding wedding cake decorating designs is via the Web. There are several sites online that can provide you will cool designs and ideas. You can also buy wedding magazines in your local bookstore if you like. There will surely be hundreds of suggestions there that you can make use of.


Tip #7


If you have the privilege of time, why not enroll yourself in a cake decorating class. In case you are always busy all day with work, there are several cooking classes that offer night courses as well. Not only will you acquire great decorating techniques, but you will also expand your entire cooking horizon in the process.


Baking and decorating your own wedding cake can truly be exciting, and not only that, you will see that you can save more cash in doing this as well. Another great beauty of doing this on your own is that you can add more personal touches to it. Just think of how fulfilled you are going to be once you start cutting your own creation and sharing it to your loved one. DIY wedding cake decorating truly has its share of satisfaction and joy.


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