Cake Decorating is Fun When It’s Easy

People shopping for cakes are often doing so because they are too intimidated to try and copy some of the cakes they see on display. They would rather spend the extra money to have done for them what they could do themselves. For many, the problem is that the decorations they see on cakes in stores look too challenging to try and replicate on their own. A closer look at some of the easy tricks that make cake decorating look so hard will alleviate some of these fears.

- The Fork

Some of the more intricate looking designs are made with this simple eating utensil. The tines on a fork may be used to create amazing looking wave or criss-cross patterns in frosting.

- Garnishes

Some of the most expensive cakes use the simplest garnishes. For instance, placing animal crackers around a cake can give it a wonderful carousal effect. A white cake with coconut flakes for snow appears especially appealing when chocolate peppermint patties adorn it. Fresh fruit that will not turn brown, such as bananas, grapes, and strawberries give the cake decorator an excellent opportunity to give a cake the appearance of a fruit basket. The ideas for garnishes are limitless.

cake decorating2

- Don’t Fear the Pastry Gun

Some people may not be able to spell the word, cat, with a pastry gun, much less, Happy Birthday. However, even the most inexperienced cake designer can use the gun to their advantage and create a startling cake. If one can just make a simple series of dots with a pastry gun and a fancy tip, an incredible decoration may be achieved in the following manner:

A simple angel food cake will serve as a perfect example. The designer should create an outer circle of fancy, white frosting dots around the perimeter of the cake. Three rows of fresh blueberries should form the inside circle, and then the tiny inner circle will frame the blueberries, again, with the fancy dots. A fine powdered sugar sprinkling over the blueberries will turn this simple angel food cake into a creation one would expect to find in the Louvre.

- Flowers

With a bit of experimentation, flowers can be easy to make. A simple straight edge pastry tip should be used. The designer should start from the inside, and create the letter U in a circular pattern. This may be done with the tip vertical or horizontal. Once the first circle has been created, outer circles will add to the floral effect. This should be practiced on newspaper before baking the cake.

It does not matter how perfect a cake has been baked when it comes out of the oven, if the frosting and decorations are imperfect. However, by following the preceding examples, anyone baking a cake should be able to top it to perfection. There is no need to slice into one’s budget just to buy a cake that looks nice. Anybody, with just a little practice, can create artistic pieces like these in their own home for pennies on the half-dollar.

Cake Decorating Is a Form of Art

Decorating a cake is an artistic feat. This art form is most widely known for its uses at weddings or on birthday cakes. However, the skills involved can be applied to any kind of cake. To become proficient in cake decorating, you need to understand the basic steps and become familiar with the vocabulary of this field.

Why Decorate a Cake?

In general, people decorate cakes to celebrate something. However, there are wide varieties of celebrations that often include a decorated cake. Outside weddings and birthdays, people also order cake decoration for anniversaries, baby showers, homecomings and a number of other events. As examples of the lesser-known occasions for decorating a cake, professionals might order cake decoration to honor a member of their field or office workers might celebrate a milestone with a decorated cake.

Key Vocabulary


This is a sweet concoction in semi-solid form that cake decorators apply on top of the cake itself. It comes in various colors and flavors.


This substance is all the rage in cake decoration these days. It is an icing but merits its own mention because it creates a texture that is extremely smooth. It also does not use any nut ingredients, so it is safe for people with nut allergies.

Decorating Bag

Some of the icing is used to create designs or words on the surface of the frosting. Decorators apply it from a decorating bag, from which they squeeze the contents in the desired shape.


Cakes may have layers. These layers may be separated by levels of frosting. Each layer may have a different flavor or simply be there to provide a different consistency to the whole cake.


In addition to the icing designs that a cake might feature, there is also a number of toppings which can be added to enhance the appearance of the cake. Examples of toppings include edible substances, such as sugar sprinkles or fruit pieces, and non-edible items that may be made of plastic.

Cake Decorating Tips

Advice about decorating a cake pertains just to the surface of the cake. Once you have finished preparing the cake itself, you should think about the decoration in a few different steps.

Choose a Frosting — This is more complicated than it sounds. A frosting has a variety of colors, consistencies and ingredients.
Design the Cake — Think about how you want the cake to look. You may need to create a schematic on paper as you think about it. Decorating a cake can be like designing a home because there are so many factors to consider.
Ice the Cake — Now apply the icing just as you planned. Make sure that you have the right decorating bag and all the ingredients.
Toppings- If you are using fresh fruit, these should be applied right before the cake is presented. Otherwise, they might rot and ruin the appearance or smell of the cake.

Below is a video providing 5 tips for beginner cake decorators.

If you decorate your own cake for a celebration, you can have fun with it. However, you may see that it really requires some help or advice from a professional to get the quality that you desire.

Bring Surprise and Delight to your Cake Decoration

Few things produce more gasps of delight on a special occasion than the dramatic appearance of a beautiful, colorfully-decorated cake. Cake decorating used to be a very conventional affair, but nowadays there are so many techniques available for achieving gorgeous and striking colors and patterns on cakes, that there’s no excuse for being predictable or unoriginal. These techniques can often be combined, for even more exciting effects.

One of the quickest and easiest methods of adding color to a cake is by using an airbrush, a small hand-held tool which you can purchase at a specialty cooking store. You can also buy edible colorings to use in the airbrush. Prepare a base for your coloring by spreading the cake with white butter cream icing.

airbrushing technique

There is actually no limit to the effects you can achieve with your airbrush. For instance, you can create a snowflake design, by placing snowflake stencils on top of the butter cream, and then using the airbrush to spray the cake surface blue. After removing the stencils, revealing the snowflake pattern, you can sprinkle edible glitter over the cake to give it sparkle.

A stunning effect can be achieved by using lace along with the airbrush, to add textured color. Place an oval stencil in the center of the butter cream surface on a sheet cake, cover the whole surface with a piece of lace, and spray pink over the whole cake. Then remove the oval and lace, and use the correct airbrush tip to pipe white shell borders round the edge of the cake, and round the center oval. Use contrasting colors to pipe a floral bouquet in the centerpiece.

Instead of butter cream, some people prefer to use a rolled fondant base, because of its perfectly smooth surface. However, because fondant can dry out very easily if you’re not careful, adding a layer of butter cream underneath the fondant will help keep it soft. Rolled fondants are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can always achieve the precise shade you want by kneading the colored fondant into the white fondant. Fondants can also be cut into patterns very easily, or shaped into flowers and other small decorations.

Airbrush techniques work as well with rolled fondant as they do with a butter cream surface. You need to make sure the fondant coating is completely cool before starting, and use alcohol-based colors, not water-based ones, which can cause the fondant to melt. You can use plastic stencils to create your designs, or sketch your outline on the surface with a fine paintbrush. When you airbrush your colors in, spray from about 6 inches for wide coverage, or from 3 inches to get a darker effect. If you have a pictorial design, when finished you can spray lightly — very lightly — with chocolate glaze, to make it look like an oil canvas.

The range of effects and textures you can achieve are actually limited only by your imagination. For instance, you can use sponges to apply the color on rolled fondant, to produce an effect like crushed velvet. Another technique is to drag a brush across the surface after coating it with the desired color, to create an effect of linen or weave. You can also achieve a mottled or feathering effect, by pulling a dry, stiff paintbrush here and there over the applied color.

There are so many techniques you can use in cake decorating that you should always be able to astonish people, as well as delighting them, with your final creation. Of course, the cake must taste good as well as looking good. Once people can bring themselves to cut into your work of art, eating it will be the climax of a very special occasion.

Wonderful Star Wars Cake Ideas

Out of all the themes that you can incorporate in making your cake, star wars cake ideas is by far the coolest of them all. There are a handful of star wars cake ideas that you can choose from and here are just some of them: The Darth Vader cake, star wars spaceship cake, Stormtroopers, Jabba the Hut cake, star wars cake with edible cake images, millennium falcon cake, star wars fondant cake, 3D Yoda cake, R2D2 cake, star wars light saber cake, Lego star wars cake, cupcake trees, Bobba Fett cake and a whole lot more!

star wars cake decorating

There are also countless of star wars cake photos that you can choose to include when you are making your cake. Aside from that, there are thousands of candle designs, cake pans, cake kits, cupcake picks, etc., all with star wars logo, characters, names and the like that you can benefit from.

In line with that, here are some star wars cake ideas that you can try for yourself:

The Star Wars Light Saber Cake

This is a very popular theme that is perfect for your child’s birthday. There are also a number of ways to make this, and even if you are a cake decorating beginner, you will find this easy to prepare. Here is the basic way of preparing one:

Bake a 9”x13” cake then cut the cake into ample sized pieces. After you have that done, arrange the pieces side by side forming the light saber. You can choose to frost the cake or cover it in fondant. For the handle of the light saber, frost it or cover it in a different colored fondant. You can also add more intricate details to it if you like.

There are also others that choose to use a light saber that is made from hard candy. You will need to purchase a molding kit in order for you to do this. Some even use glow sticks to backlit their light saber, so when they turn the lights out, the light saber glows. The light sabers are then placed on top of the cake and they cover it with butter cream or fondant, then highlighted with edible, personalized cake images.

The Star Wars R2D2 Cake

Among all the star wars cake ideas, this seems to be the most popular. The R2D2 cake pan # 2105 – 1294 was actually discontinued way back, but there are still some that are available. The instructions of preparing this one is normally included if you purchase the pan. If ever there is none included, you can search the Internet for recipes and instructions.

The 3D Yoda Cake

For you to make a 3D Yoda cake, bake a 6” round cake using a pan and a tin (bowl-shaped). Once it is done, let it cool down, then stack them up and cover them with butter cream. As for the cake’s body, cover it with brown and green colored fondant. The head of Yoda is made using chocolate crackle (crispy rice treats) and is then inserted into the body with the use of bamboo skewers.

The Star Wars Death Star Cake

This is made using a ball shaped cake pan. Once it cools down, cover the whole cake with butter cream. Next, you can choose to do either of these two:

1. Cut small pieces of fondant and randomly affix them around the entire ball.
2. Cover the whole cake ball with fondant and make indents in it to form squares using the edge of a sharp knife.

These are just some star wars themes that you can choose to do. Search the Web for more wonderful star wars cake ideas!

The Beauty of Birthday Cake Decorations – Using Themes

Every year, your child celebrates his or her birthday and you have this task of finding them the best birthday cake with the best birthday cake decorations there is. In case you have your mind fixed on preparing the cake yourself, you still need to make a crucial decision, and that is choosing the right birthday cake decorations. You will see that there are actually several themes that you can choose from and even though it sounds like a task that cannot be accomplished easily, never lose hope because as you go along reading this article, you will find that decorating cakes beautifully is really not that hard at all.

cake decorations

Balloon Cake Theme
In case you are not a cooking expert and preparing a masterpiece seems like an impossible task for you, then it is highly suggested that you go for a sheet cake; there are a number of birthday cake decorations that you can try with this one. A balloon cake theme is one good example. This theme is very simple to do, so it is best that you take full advantage of it. Once you have the sheet cake baked, let it cool down and have it frosted. After that, frost nine or ten multi-colored cookies and lay them on top of the cake. Intricately add the balloon strings (under the cookies) and one full tube of icing and you are done! You now have a wonderful balloon cake ready for the party ahead.

Jurassic Park Theme
Being creative is the true key in creating the best birthday cake decorations. You can drive down to your local grocery store and purchase some dinosaurs and volcanoes; add more colors to your cake and design a prehistoric backdrop on it and voila! You now have yourself a Jurassic park theme! Your kids will surely love it, especially if they have this deep interest in animals and creatures.

Farm Cake Theme
You can also try the farm cake theme. This is ideal, especially if you and your family are partying on the countryside. Buy farm animal figures and create a brown fencing on your cake. You will definitely be amazed at how beautiful your cake will look once it is finished. Use some dyed frostings to design the ground then place all the farm figures on top of your cake. Use farm animals like cows and pigs to fully create that farm feel.

Movie Theme
A movie theme is also another great idea for birthday cake decorations. You can make use of the toys that come from fast food kiddie meals or if you do not have some, you can simply take a drive to the toy shop and purchase little action figures. If you want your cake to have that outer space look, melt some chocolate and mold them into planets and stars then layer them onto your cake.

There are many other ideas that you can try for designing your cake aside from those that were mentioned. Just let your imagination soar and you can come up with hundreds and hundreds of birthday cake decorations.

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Cake Decorating

 Wedding cake decorating can be challenging and thrilling at the same time. The wedding cake will be the main attraction of the entire event, which is why every couple wishes to acquire the best ever wedding cake there is. In order for you to accomplish this, here provided are a couple of wedding cake decorating tips.


Tip #1


Buy a small-sized cake or you can bake one yourself and try out various wedding cake decorating designs. In doing this, you can have an idea as to what would be the perfect design and what decoration best suits your wedding cake. You can also get some cool ideas by visiting your local bake shops. You can take one design and mix it up with other designs, too.


Tip #2


If you cannot come up with any wedding cake decorating designs at all, it can be very beneficial for you to seek assistance or advice from an experienced cake decorator. If you have a friend who happens to be one, then the more better. They can provide you with great tips that you can incorporate in your decoration.


The photo (from below shows a glimpse into a wedding cake tutorial seen here from the Sparkle & Hay Wedding blog that might inspire you in creating your DIY wedding cake.

wedding cake tutorial




Never go overboard when you are decorating your wedding cake. This applies especially when it comes to the number of trimmings or trappings that you put on it. Overdoing it takes away the visual attributes of your wedding cake.



Tip #4


Go all out on buying the best materials there is. Do not purchase an inexpensive icing that you will use for your cake because this will definitely make your cake look sloppy. Remember, it is for your wedding – the important occasion in your whole life, not your dogs’ birthday. Sure you will need to shell out some of your precious dollars, but it will all be worth it.


Tip #5


Never forget to include sentimental items in your cake. Doing this makes it more special and more personal. It should have both the bride and the groom’s personal effects.


Tip #6


Another great source of finding wedding cake decorating designs is via the Web. There are several sites online that can provide you will cool designs and ideas. You can also buy wedding magazines in your local bookstore if you like. There will surely be hundreds of suggestions there that you can make use of.


Tip #7


If you have the privilege of time, why not enroll yourself in a cake decorating class. In case you are always busy all day with work, there are several cooking classes that offer night courses as well. Not only will you acquire great decorating techniques, but you will also expand your entire cooking horizon in the process.


Baking and decorating your own wedding cake can truly be exciting, and not only that, you will see that you can save more cash in doing this as well. Another great beauty of doing this on your own is that you can add more personal touches to it. Just think of how fulfilled you are going to be once you start cutting your own creation and sharing it to your loved one. DIY wedding cake decorating truly has its share of satisfaction and joy.


The Necessity of Cake Decorating Tools

Choosing the proper cake decorating tools can truly make the difference, especially if you want to pursue your hobby of cake decorating. In order for you to achieve the best results, you have to use the best and high quality cake decorating tools there is. Luckily, these tools are readily available in many places, so you will not have a hard time finding them.

There are actually a few cake decorating tools that are considered absolute must-haves, one of which is a set of very sharp knives. The next one is specialty cake pans that are in various and interesting shapes. These said tools can make your hobby of cake decorating a whole lot easier and can also make your cakes appear stunningly professional-looking. These good pans and sharp set of knives can help you perform professional work and will help you come up with delicious and dazzling results.

You can buy lots of these fantastic pans at your local arts and crafts store. You will find that they come in an array of impressive shapes and sizes which are intended to produce cakes suited for any occasion or event. Although it is true that professional cake bakers use only their hands in cutting and sizing up their cakes in any form they want, this art is extremely difficult and can take up lots of trial and error before you can master it. That is why having a set of good specialty pans is a true must-have for cake decorating beginners.

Another thing is to be sure that you pick out the best and sharpest knives available. Even if you have the best specialty cake pans, there are times wherein you will need to trim and cut out your cake. If your knife is not that sharp, there is the risk of tearing your cake and ultimately ruining your whole project. On the contrary, if you have sharp set of knives in your hands, you can make clean, straight cuts on the edges of your cakes. These knives are also perfect for cutting any of your decorations like a fondant, for example.

cake decorating tools

Another great way of finding lovely and useful cake decorating tools is in specialty stores. You will find everything you ever need in these shops. However, the prices here can be a lot higher as compared to the rates provided by your local crafts stores, so it is highly suggested that you take the time in shopping around for these items so you can save some of your precious money.

The best way to get your hands full of these cake decorating tools is to shop for them online. There are numerous websites that you can go to and they can offer you lots and lots of tools in reasonable prices.

When you are shopping online or at your local stores, it is ideal that you list down the items that you need before you go shopping for them. Decide first as to what particular type of cake you want to bake and make a list of the tools necessary to make it. This way, you can minimize the possibility of buying unnecessary cake decorating tools.

Cake Decorating Set for Your Baking Needs

Looking for a cake decorating set? Well, listed below are some of the recommended ones available in the market in order to complete your project:
Wilton 101-pc. Decorating Tool Set with Blue Caddy
This cake decorating set contains 2 flower nails, a customary coupler (made in a hinged storage container) and numerous flower decorating tubes like rose, leaf, star and grass, among others. Filled with 101 cake designing equipment, this cake decorating set arranges all the basics for creating the best confectioneries. It also consists of 3 re-usable bags, 3 couplers, 18 tips, practice board, flower nail and lifter and tip-cleaning and decorating brushes. The set also includes a manual, spatula, 8 oz. colorless butter and clear vanilla flavors, 0.5 oz. frosting tubes in 8 colors, 2 dozens of disposable gloves and a lot more.
Wilton 50-pc. Decorating Tool set with Caddy
With 50 designing tools, this cake decorating set provides all the basics needed to create the best confectioneries and also leaves more space for you to add future equipment. This caddy contains 7 kinds of tips, practice board and tip brush, 19 disposable bags, 10-inch soft-touch bag, 8-inch straight spatula and a 1.5-inch flower nail.
Wilton 29-pc. Deluxe Tip Cake Decoration Set
This set contains 29 designing tip pieces, allowing you to customize all the cake’s trimmings that you bake. It also allows for an almost unlimited selection of cake designs.


cake decorating setWilton 12-pc. Cupcake Decorating Set
You can create all types of fun and interesting designs for cupcakes, which would be ideal for everyday treats or special occasions. This set includes star tips 22 (pull-out stars and zigzags), star tips 1M (drop flowers, stars and rosettes), Bismarck tip 230 for fun-filled cupcake designs, round tip 12 (messages, dots and outlines), as well an instructional book and 8 disposable bags.
Ateco 55-pc. Pastry Decorating Tip Set
This set includes 52 of the most well-known cake decorating tubes together with basket weave, star, rose, leaf, grass and many other tube designs, a customary coupler (constructed in a hinged storage container) and 2 flower nails.
Ateco 786 12-pc. Stainless Steel Large Pastry Tube Decorating Set
This cake decorating set has 4 plain, 3 stars, 2 French stars, 2 closed stars and 1 cake icer stainless steel pastry tubes and 1 tube cleaning brush (made in a plastic storage container).
KitchenAid Pastry Decorating Set
This set is perfect for designing cakes, baking cookies and a whole lot more. It comes with nylon bags and stainless steel tips. With its unbeatable quality and dishwasher compatibility, this is an excellent addition to your arsenal.
Norpro Deluxe Cake/Pastry Decorating Set
It includes great cooking tools made of plastic which can be hand washed.

All of these cake decorating sets can be found at a number of websites on the Web such as These sites have the latest gadgets and tools which are deemed necessary for decorating a cake.

Whether you are just starting out or already an expert in this field, you can find a lot of things online that would cater to your every need. In addition, shopping around the Internet is the ideal way for individuals who are thinking about earning money through cake decorating. You can compare the prices and quality to ensure that the cake decorating set you are about to purchase is truly worth your hard-earned money.

Simple Cake Decorating Techniques

Making a cake that is well decorated can be easy, and with these simple cake decorating techniques, it will make it even more effortless. The foundation for a magnificently decorated cake starts with the icing.
Normally, majority of cake decorators will need a smooth base. To obtain this, you will have to wrap your completely chilled cake with crumb layers. They are not bread crumbs, but instead, a slight frosting glaze.
This will allow your icing to be spread on the cake without any difficulty and not pull cake portions into the icing. If you still have time left, you can put the cake in the refrigerator so that when you add another layer of icing, it would make it even much easier.
cake decorating techniques

When you put frosting or butter icing, among the most excellent and simple cake decorating techniques is placing a big dollop in the middle on the top and then you have to spread the icing with the use of a spatula all the way to the cake’s edges.
As soon as the top is fully covered and appears smooth, you can then put icing on the sides. This is a bit trickier, but using one of these simple cake decorating techniques, it will be a breeze. Utilizing the dollop, place the spatula upright against the cake’s edge. Instead of moving it, you can simply spin the cake.
The next step after the cake is fully iced is to make it look beautiful and professional. Keep in mind that the cake’s overall appearance would be better if the icing is smoother.
For the surface to be perfectly smooth, you can dip the spatula (metal ones) in hot water, then dry it and smooth it all over the cake again. This is one of the most simple cake decorating techniques that will guarantee to give you a well-presented cake.
After the cake is already iced, you can then add extra decorations. This is an excellent way for your cake to have a personalized touch.
Several people like to purchase cake decorations that are already ready made because they think that making their own will be tedious and hard, but these simple cake decorating techniques will ensure you that it will be easy as a pie, or better yet, a cake.
Putting flower like roses as decorations on your cake is simple, yet stylish. Here are some ways to do it:
Get a rectangle fondant (colored) icing and roll it into a shape of a tube, pressing one side and allowing the other side to extend over. These tend to appear a bit more conventional, and even though a number of people like these, they are not the customary roses that you are possibly thinking.
To make the rose more realistic, take some colored fondant and shape it like a ball. After that, press it between your thumb and forefinger and you will end up with a petal. The thicker ends have to be at the base of the rose. For a true effect, try making the petal’s top end thin like a paper.
Keep on doing this and twist the petals around, separating the petal’s thin ends. They look great in set of 3s and position on the corners of the cake.
The best thing about utilizing these simple cake decorating techniques is that you would be able to create the roses in different sizes, based on what you need.

There are also some basic piping techniques that are good to master in cake decorating. Below is a video from that will show you some basic piping techniques.

Cake Decorating Books – A Guide to Some of the Best

Cake decorating books are great sources of information for people who love to bake and for those who want to promote their cake baking knowledge. Step-by-step assistance, recipes, special tips from professional cake designers, concepts and inspiration for fresh projects and inspiring colored pictures are the benefits that you may take into account when buying them.
Whenever you are taking classes on cake decoration or once you have finished a program, cake decorating books will be able to answer all your questions and jog your memory about what you have studied and learned. They are soothing to browse as you envision your next plan. Here are some excellent books that you can put in your personal cake decoration library.
Have you been to your local bookstore and skimmed through the newest books on cake decoration?  Illustrated books like Wilton cake decorating books can produce excellent ideas for a special occasion. If you are a hobbyist or a would-be expert, one of these cake decorating books is certain to enlighten and motivate you.
Wilton Cake Decorating for Beginners Guide by Wilton
Wilton cake decorating books are great for beginners. There are a lot of designs and recipes that you can choose from and they will teach you how to purchase the right tools and make the final touches of your cake with flowers and edges.
Hello, Cupcake! Irresistibly Playful Creations Anyone Can Make, by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson
It presents easy methods that beginners and even kids can do. There are numerous recipes and fun designs that are illustrated in the book.
The Whimsical Bakehouse: Fun-to-Make Cakes That Taste as Good as They Look! by Kaye Hansen and Liv Hansen
This book provides easy and intricate designs with step-by-step guides and wonderful images. As an added bonus, the authors share their knowledge with chocolate decorating techniques.
Cakes to Inspire and Desire by Lindy Smith
This book offers 15 delectable and colorful designs utilizing conventional and latest ideas. If you want to know how to make wonky shapes and sculptures or fascinated in creating embroidery accents, then you may want to consider this.
Wedding Cakes You Can Make: Designing, Baking, and Decorating the Perfect Wedding Cake, by Dede Wilson
This book offers 16 various wedding cake designs and provides readers with step-by-step wedding cake preparation and production.
Start a Cake Business Today by Paula Spencer
It is the dream of a lot of home bakers to start a business in cake making. This book provides how-to tips and information that you have to take into account when establish your own cake decorating business. It also consists of references for informative websites.
Cakes to Dream on: a Master Class in Decorating, by Colette Peters
This is one of the most excellent cake decorating books available for advanced cake bakers as it offers a number of the author’s latest designs utilizing royal icing, gum paste and fondant.